Bands so far! :)

we are proud to announce these amazing bands/acts for this years festival. a few more to come! 🙂

ancient emblem (blackened crust, germany/spain)…/split-with-social-cris…

gfrast (punk hc cello crust electro, vienna)

dregs (feminist hc punk, vienna)

hc baxxter (electro rave punk, hannover)

snarg (8-bit hc punk, hannover)

Krót (Hc Punk Graz)

Antifmanifest (Punk Punk Punk, Graz)…/tc153-antimanifest-am-…

Unicorn Partisans (electro punk, members of GUTS PIE EARSHOT and Принуждение к миру )

Akne Kid Joe (punk, nürnberg)

Kenny Kenny Oh Oh! (punk, lelpzig)

Deutsche Laichen (punk, göttingen)

Tanzpalast Eden (Punk aus Köln mit Leuten von Mülheim Asozial, Naive,….)

Stasis (crust punk, bologna)

Knötaröt (weird electro punk performance im exil, amsterdam)

Selbstlaut (hip hop, linz)

Artemis (hip hop, ?)

Kandiru (hip hop, bremgarten)

Zock Astpai (Zock from Astpai plays an Acoustic Set, Vienna)

Dawner (Acoustic Punk, Graz)

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