Festival 2014!

as said in the last post we will do the Festival again, at the last weekend in april 2014. it will be again in the ekh with workshops, distros, bands, action, vegan food, dj_anes, book tables and more.
the booking for the 2014 Anarchist Black Cross Vienna Solidarity festival started already a few months ago and we are happy to announce the first bands(the days are not fixed with all the bands). some of the bands played already last year, but we honestly dont care. we want(ed) to invite great bands with great people in it, and we think we have done a good job so far… (edited: and in the second we posted this we got more confirmations!)

Finisterre (dark hc punk, köln) http://finisterre.blogsport.de/

Lambs (punk, köln) http://lambs.bandcamp.com/

Geraniüm (neo crust, strasbourg) http://thebandnottheplant.blogspot.co.at/

Cruel Friends (heavy hc punk, karlsruhe/strasbourg) http://cruelfriends.bandcamp.com/

Jungbluth (hc punk, münster) http://jungbluth.bandcamp.com/

Leechfeast (doom sludge, ljubljana/nijmegen) http://leechfeast.bandcamp.com/

Deer in the Headlights (hc punk, banja luka) http://deerintheheadlights.bandcamp.com/

Human Host Body (black metal d-beat, ljubljana/koper) http://humanhostbody.tumblr.com/

Drip of Lies (neo crust, warsaw) http://dripoflies.bandcamp.com/

Svffer (emoviolence, münster/bielefeld) http://svffer.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7

Notions (hardcore, münster) http://notionspunk.bandcamp.com/album/s-t

so this is it till now. we keep you updated on this blog!
making punk a threat again!
love & rage!

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